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Title: Party at Bob Goodwin's
Author: Patty

You are never going to believe the life that I'm having right now!!! Tonight I went to an open house that Bob Goodwin was having at his house. Don't really know why I was invited, but nonetheless I was!!! I got there and really didn't see anyone that I recognized, and then all of a sudden I saw Tom Braidwood (a.k.a. Frohike), so I decided to bite the bullet and go up and talk to him. So I went up and introduced myself to him and told him that I totally loved his work on the X-Files. I also told him that he was my most favorite recurring character on the show, which he is, and he was completely flattered by my remarks. Then a little later on, I'm sitting there drinking some wine, talking with a friend of mine, and all of a sudden this woman goes walking by me that looks really familiar, so as she smiles at me I reached my hand out to stop her and I asked her if she was Mrs. Mulder, and she said she was!!! Then we chatted for a few minutes, she introduced me to her husband, and I told her that I missed her this season, she said that she had taped for it, but that they didn't end up using it. 

Then the people who were sitting next to us, who I was noticing were eavesdropping every time I would mention anything about the X-Files, finally said something to me. We asked where they were from, and one guy said he was from LA and the other, and his family were from Vancouver. I said that I had just got back from LA so we talked about that for a minute, and then the wife of one of the men said that the two guys had written the episode
"Trevor". I literally jumped up from my chair and said "You guys wrote  Trevor!!!!!! I can't even believe it!!!! I LOVED Trevor, it was the first  'real' x-files that we had all season!!!!" We ended up chatting with the guys for a good long while, talking about the show, that episode, and the internet. They asked me if I knew of any good sites to go to and how I 
found them, so I told them how I originally found them, and then I told them about the Cave. Ken, one of the guys, asked me for the address to the Cave, so I gave it to him. So I'm writing to you to please make sure that Spyyder doesn't change a thing in the Cave for the next couple of weeks, because Ken was going to check it out and see what we had to say about the episode. 

Here is a list of all the people that I took my picture with tonight:
Mrs. Mulder (and her husband Max)
Ken and the other guy (Jim?) who wrote Trevor
Brett (who wrote Detour)
Tracee (Bob Goodwin's assistant, who we spoke with and met when we went to the set a year ago)
Mrs. Scully (aka Mrs. Goodwin)

I'm pretty sure that's it, but I can't be too sure because I had about 4-5 glasses of wine, so I was having a very good time, and just reveling in the fact that I was socializing and chatting and talking pictures with people who were from the X-Files!!!! What a life I'm having!!!!!! :)


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