A rambling narrative in which bardsmaid travels to Vancouver to visit her good friend Listen, and together they trek around Vancouver and environs taking in the sights... and hunting down a handful of locations where the X-Files was filmed.  Because how can you see a picture of the Grouse Mountain tram and not think of that scene in Ascension?

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For our second outing we headed east, looking for Ruskin Dam (XF episodes Patient X and The Red and the Black.)

This is a view of the Fraser river from the north (New Westminster) side.  New Westminster (referred to as 'New West' by the locals) is, incidently, where XF actor Nick Lea grew up.  The bridge at the edge of the river is part of Vancouver's Sky Train rail system, which provides a convenient and inexpensive way for locals and tourists alike to get around the area.


Driving farther and farther east, and wondering when we might actually come to Ruskin Dam, we happened upon Whonnock Lake, a small body of water by Canadian standards, but picturesque because it was covered with water lilies.

Lilies, lilypads and clouds reflected in the surface of Whonnock Lake



Probably my favorite pic of the entire trip.  I like the empty space in the foreground that conveys the sense of the lily pads floating, almost as if you're seeing below the surface.


The area around the lake was full of salmonberries like these, and we ate our fill before heading back to the car.

Finally we arrived at Ruskin Dam.  At first we drove downstream a short distance, looking for the bridge Scully and the others were on... and finally realized it was right next to the dam (see it in front of the left half of the dam, much closer than it appeared on-screen.)

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