A rambling narrative in which bardsmaid travels to Vancouver to visit her good friend Listen, and together they trek around Vancouver and environs taking in the sights... and hunting down a handful of locations where the X-Files was filmed.  Because how can you see a picture of the Grouse Mountain tram and not think of that scene in Ascension?

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Closer to home, we drove into downtown Vancouver (where we passed GM Place, site of the infamous chess tournament in the XF episode The End), made a trip to local beaches and just hung out at home.  Here's the gray cat that has adopted Listen's back deck.

White Rock beach, so close to the border (to the left of this shot) that you can
clearly see the Peace Arch crossing

Crescent Beach.  One of the houses along this row was used in the XF Season 5
episode Chinga, written by Stephen King.

Not a great pic but the best I could get given the circumstances, this is the Patullo
Bridge, one of a half-dozen bridges crossing the Fraser River in the Vancouver area.
I had this curious desire to find the phone booth where Marita Covarrubias makes
her phone call to Mulder in Season 5's Patient X, and while there are indeed two
possibilities on the New Westminster side of the bridge, both are grassy areas, land-
scaped in such a way that I imagine the phone booth was just brought in for that shot.



It's always interesting to see what different kinds of trees, flowers and other plants grow in places you visit.  I came across this, a sizeable bush perhaps five feet across and equally as tall, while out on a walk.  The flowers as shown are pretty close to life-size if you're viewing this in 1024x768, and though the shape of the blossoms reminded me of lemon verbena, they had a scent similar to a tuberose or gardenia.  Anyone know what they are?

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