A rambling narrative in which bardsmaid travels to Vancouver to visit her good friend Listen, and together they trek around Vancouver and environs taking in the sights... and hunting down a handful of locations where the X-Files was filmed.  Because how can you see a picture of the Grouse Mountain tram and not think of that scene in Ascension?

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On the last day we took the SkyTrain downtown to Canada Place, where the cruise ships dock.  You can't imagine how huge these ships are until you see one in person--just massive.



Hotels and office buildings--and those signature hanging baskets of flowers--in this upscale part of downtown Vancouver


Visitors from all over walk the promenade here, snapping pictures of their friends and of the scenery, including North Vancouver and the snow-covered mountains across the bay.

View of wonderful, wooded Stanley Park (where the Tunguska prison camp scenes
were filmed) and North Vancouver from Canada Place.  I think I now know how
Vancouverites must feel, living in a city where so much TV filming goes on,
because just two days after returning home I was watching an episode of Kyle XY
when a beach scene came on, and immediately I realized that what I was looking at
was North Shore Vancouver and the snow-capped mountains behind it.


Docked in downtown: the scale of high rise buildings and cruise ships harmonizes in this view from the Canada Place dock.

That's all, folks!  Thanks for taking the tour, however modest.  I only wish I'd taken more pictures.  Guess I'll just have to go back for the ones I missed.  :-)

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