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Along the McKenzie River and scenic Highway 242 in the Oregon Cascades on a crisp day, one of season's last opportunities to see the area in fall dress.

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Highway 242

Shoot Date: 10-25-2008


As you move farther into the forest, the air cools and you can feel the dampness.
Tiny mushrooms sprout from the ends or sides of logs, and in the distance
you can hear the roar of the falls ahead.


200 feet high, Proxy Falls roars as water plummets into a small pool and then
continues down the mountainside.  The observation point gives a breathtaking
view... but unfortunately, it doesn't seem to translate to photographs.  If you'd
like to hear what the falls sound like, check out this YouTube video.


Closer view of the uppermost part of the falls.  In person, it's truly breathtaking.


Vine maples in dappled light turn a variety of bright pastel shades.


In the cool shadows of tall Douglas firs, moss grows exuberantly.


Upper Proxy Falls, not as tall as the main falls, but very pretty in their own right.


Water tumbles down between moss-covered rocks.  I've always wanted to get
one of these satiny water shots, and now I have it.


Half an hour up the road the forest is noticeably drier, and all of a sudden
you come abruptly into the barren lava fields, volcanic rubble strewn as far
as the eye can see.

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