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Along the McKenzie River and scenic Highway 242 in the Oregon Cascades on a crisp day, one of season's last opportunities to see the area in fall dress.

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Highway 242

Shoot Date: 10-25-2008


On a clear day you can see a number of peaks.  These are two of the Three Sisters
(North and Middle) that sit as sentinels between central Oregon and the Pacific
side of the Cascade range.


Closer view of North and Middle Sisters.  Note the lava fields in the foreground.


The unique (and very quirky) Dee Wright Observatory, built entirely of lava
boulders, sits atop... more lava boulders!  Even the stairs and pillars are
made of these lava rocks.  From inside the observatory, a series of small,
labeled windows each looks out on a different mountain peak.


Going up the stairway.  Note the huge piles of lava rubble beside the road at left.


North Sister as seen through its special window in the observatory


Looking out over the lunar-seeming landscape from the top of the observatory


The rugged peak of Mt. Washington juts above a seemingly endless field of volcanic rubble.  Trees grow
in the few places where the lava has decomposed enough to turn to soil.  Scientists believe the
many volcanoes of the Cascades are only dormant, and will eventually erupt again.

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