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Twenty miles east of Cottage Grove, Brice Creek flows through the foothills leading into the Cascades.  The trail takes you both creekside and through the woods.

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Brice Creek

Shoot Date: 3-12-2009


The trailhead starts beside the bridge.  We were lucky to have a sunny day,
though once in the shade of the forest, it was still pretty chilly.


Living patterns show in the water flowing over large, smooth stones.
Note the moss-covered rocks on the far bank.


Soon the trail climbed into the forest, which in Oregon means exuberant
moss and lichens in addition to trees and ferns.


A tree branch snug in its thick winter coat of moss


The tiny flowers of the wildflower Spring Queen bloom amid the moss on the forest floor.


The trail went gradually upward until we were surprised to find ourselves
far above the creek.

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