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Twenty miles east of Cottage Grove, Brice Creek flows through the foothills leading into the Cascades.  The trail takes you both creekside and through the woods.

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Brice Creek

Shoot Date: 3-12-2009


The trail zigzags through small canyons and across tiny streams.
Some of these areas still held a drifting of snow.


Mountain fern moss covers many areas of the forest floor in the shade of tall trees.


One of the lures of the water is its beautiful color, which concentrates into
a deep aqua tint in the deeper pools.


Creekside near a fallen tree


The rush of water creates a blurred covering over this shallow area of the stream.


Moss and succulents on a rock face beside the trail.  Though on the surface
the area is lush and verdant, a nick of the surface and Oregon's true
volcanic nature is revealed.


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