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One of Oregon's most unique cemeteries, Eugene Masonic is a combination park, historical site,  habitat for native plant species and burial ground.

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May at Eugene Masonic Cemetery

Shoot Date: 5-7-2010


As May comes on, the flowers and foliage creep higher.  May is the month of the most luxuriant greens, before the dryness and heat of summer come and turn the vivid tones to pale ones, and then to tans.

This cemetery runs on a unique yearly cycle.  Mowed in autumn, the foliage is then left to grow at its own pace.  As the spring warms and flowers bloom, grasses and native plants slowly rise like a green tide, quietly engulfing headstones as they go.  In order to encourage native species of flowers, the cemetery is not mowed again until the next fall, giving plants the opportunity to drop their seeds for the following year.


Along the perimeter path, the bare woodiness of winter has given
way to exuberant foliage.  Now, both sides of the upward path are
bordered by thimbleberry bushes in bloom.


Wood hyacinths are still blooming beside the paths, their violet blues echoed by the blossoms of vinca.  This is the only place I've ever seen white vinca in addition to the more common blue variety.


On the sloping hillside above the point where 25th and University Streets intersect, the Addison plot has become a tiny meadow of larkspur, obscuring the headstones.


Tiny, delicate wildflowers border the edge of the Addison plot.


At the top of the trail, the view from the Scatter Garden bench is both green and peaceful.  Overhead, the calls of birds fill the air. 

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