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An early June trip to dramatic Toketee Falls, Oregon

O r e g o n
P h o t o   T o u r s

The North Umpqua to Toketee Falls

Shoot Date: 6-8-2010


Green is the dominant color of the landscape east of Roseburg in early June... at least in 2010, with its extended wet spring.  The North Umpqua River is broad and shallow here.  The relatively open rolling hills of this area, along with its groves of oaks and warmer temperatures than that of many surrounding areas, remind me of the terrain around San Luis Obispo, California .


Monkeyflower blooms cheerily along the roadside, together with daisies, purple vetch, camas and other wildflowers.


West of Glide, we took a detour along the Little River in search of calochortus umpquaensis, a variant of the wildflower known as cat's  ears.  This particular variataion grows only in Douglas County.


And we found them--a whole hillside of them, in fact.  They stand about eight inches tall, and were in peak bloom.


A single blossom


Detail shows the characteristic 'hairs' that give the flower its name.

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