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An early June trip to dramatic Toketee Falls, Oregon

O r e g o n
P h o t o   T o u r s

The North Umpqua to Toketee Falls

Shoot Date: 6-8-2010


The overlook at Colliding Rivers, near Glide, where the North Umpqua and the Little River meet from opposing directions and literally crash headlong into each other before continuing westward as one body of water.


Another common roadside flower.  The entire flower cluster is no more than an inch across.


A good 60 miles east, after having passed through acres of forest with the occasional dogwood blooming between the conifers, we reached the turn-off for Toketee Falls.  Beside the parking lot we were surprised to find this old redwood aqueduct, which carries water to a hydroelectric plant.


The area below the aqueduct is damp from leaks, and you can see from the vegetation growing on the sides of the structure where water seeps out regularly.  We also noticed several tiny sprays shooting from its surface.


This bridge begins the 0.4-mile trail that leads to the falls.  At first the trail is fairly level, but soon it becomes an extended series of up-and-down staircases.  Your climbing muscles get a workout by the time you reach your destination.


The river was fairly full, with water rushing quickly downstream.

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