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An early June trip to dramatic Toketee Falls, Oregon

O r e g o n
P h o t o   T o u r s

The North Umpqua to Toketee Falls

Shoot Date: 6-8-2010


On the first part of the trail, shady conditions create the perfect home for plants such as these wild rhododendrons.


A large log stuck between the rocks weathers the water's flow.


Foamy water rushes down stair-step pools dressed in moss and greenery.  The water shows the characteristic blue-green tint of the North Umpqua.


A cluster of tiny blue flowers grows above a bed of pine needles


Queen's cup lilies dotted the shady areas at the beginning of the trail


Rounding the side of the mountain, we were able to look back and trace the path of the stream.

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