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An early June trip to dramatic Toketee Falls, Oregon

O r e g o n
P h o t o   T o u r s

The North Umpqua to Toketee Falls

Shoot Date: 6-8-2010


More denizens of the shady trail areas, these tiny pink star-shaped flowers stand upright on thread-like stems.


At the higher--and drier--elevations, rock faces hold warm-weather plants.  Their winter coats of moss have faded to a golden brown while succulents and small spring flowers--the next wave of seasonal life--grow and bloom.


Wild Oregon Iris spotted alongside the trail


Finally, after many up and down staircases, we spotted our destination, the observation platform suspended against the mountainside.


Toketee Falls rushes through an opening in a wall of dramatic basalt pillars, falling 28 feet from its initial level to a pool in the wall opening, and then another 85 feet to the large pool below. 


Behind the observation deck, water drops in small falls and sprays down a sharp mountainside covered with greenery and tiny flowers.

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