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As autumn closes in, the woods are alight... even on gray and rainy days.  The light source?  Leaves.

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Light in the Forest

Shoot Date: 10-18-2009


I had a chance today to walk along the forest roads on BLM land near Marcola.
The majority of the forest is evergreen Douglas fir, but the understory plants were
stealing the show with their bursts of autumn colors.  At left, vine maples in yellow
and shades of red, while bracken in the ditch has turned from green to tan.


Blending in during spring and summer, bracken stands out in the fall when it
fades to tan and sometimes rust tones.


Tall Douglas firs tower like sentries above the now
colorful understory, including this vine maple.


Rain has fallen off and on over the past couple of weeks, and mushrooms
of all sorts are taking advantage of the moisture and sprouting exuberantly.


This fern that typically grows on logs and tree trunks has had enough
moisture to bring it out of its summer dormant state.


Another turn in the road


Leaves of the vine maple.  In the shade they turn yellow, but where the sun
touches them, they turn red.  Leaves in filtered sun may have a peachy tint,
or even a spray-painted look where dappled sunlight colors them randomly.

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