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Part of the extensive Ridgeline Trail system in the south hills of Eugene, this hike focuses on the segment from the Crest Drive trailhead east to Willamette St.

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Ridgeline Trail Hike

Shoot Date: 5-22-2008


After the brief hike through open grassland at the trailhead parking lot,
you enter the forest.  As usual for May in Oregon, the greens are vibrant.


Native pink and white hawthorn trees grace the sides of the
trail near the the Crest Drive end of this hike.


Soon you move into Douglas fir forest, with tall trees, ferns and other
typical understory greenery.  This section of the trail contains several
switchbacks as the trail gains elevation.


Scatterings of fragile wild Oregon iris appear at trailside.


The trail continues through the kind of growth that looks hand-selected for
its beauty, as if the entire area was deliberately planted to look this way.

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