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Oregon Coast:
Newport and Points North

Shoot Date: 8-7-2010


First view of the Newport harbor.  The town's population of just under 10,000 makes it one of a handful of notably-sized cities along Oregon's coast.  It's also a busy fishing port.


Another view of the Newport waterfront.  Boats are in constant motion here, gliding in or heading out to sea.


Typical restaurant building along Bay Boulevard, which runs beside the edge of Yaquina Bay.   The area is filled with restaurants, art galleries and souvenir shops as well as fish processing warehouses.


A tub of fish headed for the back entrance of Local Oceans, a harborside restaurant.  Notice the fish tail sticking out of the end of the barrel.  Shortly before this, a truck had pulled up with the entire bed filled to capacity with fish.


Visitors line up along a pier to watch harbor seal below.  The seals' constant barking assures a steady stream of onlookers.


Who's watching who?  Seals bark and look up at the tourists on
the dock overhead.  It's hard to watch them and not wonder
what it would be like to be in a body like that, all concentrated
bulk with only small flippers to help with the delicate tasks.

Eventually, tired of barking--and possibly of their human
audience--some of the seals simply fall asleep.


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