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O r e g o n
P h o t o   T o u r s

Oregon Coast:
Newport and Points North

Shoot Date: 8-7-2010


Foggy coastline north of Newport


Hawkweed, a common sight along the coastline,
brightens the day even when the sun isn't shining.


View from the house we stayed in


Ocean access in the dunes near Siletz Bay


Spectacular planters at the Salishan Shops south of Lincoln City


The planters were packed with every kind of flower imaginable, including
annuals and perennials both rare and common.

A few of the flowers in the planters.  We saw many godetias (lower row, center) at the coast.  They seem to do very well there, though they're blooming months behind their inland relatives.  The small blue flower at lower left is phacelia, a wild California native I remember from hikes in the SoCal hills.


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