Our Eugene-area fog is misty, like something that materializes in a fairy tale.  It adds a touch of magic and mystery to the landscape.

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Autumn Fog

Shoot Date: 11-16-2008


Waking up to one of our signature autumn foggy mornings, I decided to head to the
river, where the fog hovers and swirls.  The Willamette lies beyond these trees
in Maury Jacobs Park.


Getting closer, a flock of geese appeared, their white feathers bright spots in a world of gray.


On a rise beside the river, geese feed in the grass.


Greenway Bike Bridge almost seems to lead into another world.


Hanging from the bridge railing, a fragile spider web collects
equally delicate drops from the surrounding mist.


Along the riverbank, the last fall colors stand out in the foreground,
but melt into the mist at a distance.


A lone biker rides the silent path toward downtown.


Close to the parking lot, a maple leaf adds a bright contrast to the surrounding shades of gray.

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