Autumn comes to the woodsy park near the northern tip of Fern Ridge Reservoir west of Eugene

Shoot Date: 10-6-2008

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O r e g o n
P h o t o   T o u r s

Kirk Park Autumn


Just north of the dam for Fern Ridge Reservoir, Kirk Park offers a broad pond
that attracts many birds as well as humans seeking a quiet bit of nature.


Tall trees and picnic tables welcome the visitor.  Many tables are right near the
water's edge.  Grassland trails are available, too, so you can meander over
whichever terrain suits you.


Ducks float near the slough-like edge of the pond.  They're often joined by
cormorants, geese, egrets and herons.


This fungus is in fine form at a huge size: bigger than a platter.


Detail of the fungus from the picture above, which is oozing a golden substance.

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