Sweet Creek, near Mapleton, Oregon

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Sweet Creek in Winter

Shoot Date: 2-17-2008


Water rushes down Sweet Creek in mid-February.  In spring and summer, the area along the creek's banks is incredibly  lush with tender vegetation and colorful windflowers, making the current scene seem bleak by comparison.  In spite of winter's barren look, though, the rush and roar of water is as captivating as ever.



This pool along a stair-step portion of the creek holds icy blue-green water... however briefly.


In the center of the photo you can see one of the boardwalks built into the cliff's edge, enabling visitors to easily follow a mile-long trail to the main falls.



Water swirls and roars all along the creek, plunging over rocks and ledges and racing downstream.



At a turn in the creek, water spills past huge, marshmallow-shaped  boulders covered with vivid green moss.  Note the boardwalk on the left.  The state of Oregon provides excellent trails at many scenic locations.



Above the small falls seen above, the creek temporarily levels out, rushing past Douglas fir and moss-coated deciduous trees where the tiny buds of new leaves are already forming.

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